Supporting Warriors

ThedaCare Cancer Center

When a person begins treatment after a cancer diagnosis, they often have many questions about the process. For chemotherapy appointments, patients find that the best clothing is a shirt that provides easy access to a port which is a device used to draw blood and give chemotherapy and antibiotics. This port is placed under the skin on the left or right side of the chest, so a shirt with a zipper, snaps or Velcro on both sides of the neck allow caregivers to discreetly access the area, while providing privacy for the patient.

Understanding the need patients may have for the specific clothing, the ThedaCare Cancer Care team aimed to provide the resource to more people, without the additional expense to the patient.

To support the project, ThedaCare reached out to Icon Marketing. When Chad Romenesko, owner and president of Icon Marketing Inc., received the call asking for support, he knew he wanted to help. Icon donated 1,000 shirts to be modified for patients to wear during chemotherapy treatment.

To modify the shirts, ThedaCare requested the help from the community, asking sewers to volunteer their time and talents to modify the shirts by adding a zipper to the left or right side for easy access to the patient’s ports.

The shirts were offered in neutral colors for both men and women, with unisex sizing. Most importantly, these shirts are free for patients going through treatment at ThedaCare.
Icon Marketing is incredibly proud to partner with ThedaCare on this initiative and to support those warriors fighting cancer.

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